Motorhome, caravan, maritime and specialty car accessories.

With 30 years of experience and a wonderful portfolio of quality brands in the field of motor home, Caravan, Special vehicles and marine accessories, Karman Trading is a major accessory supplier for wholesalers, dealers and builders of Recreation and Special vehicles.

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Karman Trading is in the Benelux and Scandinavia responsible for the activities of the following manufacturers:

  • AIRXCEL (roof ventilation, cooking appliances, heating and cooling, window coverings, blinds, etc.)
  • 3Gas (gas alarms)
  • CAN (Kitchen appliances, ovens, sinks, sinks, dishwashers, etc.)
  • FASP (Seatsbenches and swivels for campervans, motorhomes,  ambulances and fire trucks)
  • Ideatermica (thermal blinds, camper van and caravan insulation, carpets, rugs, cabin car mats)
  • Fillippi Legnami (poplar wood lightweight panels for camper, boat and interior construction)
  • Lippert Components (Accessories, bed systems, entrance doors, boarding, LCD supports, slide-outs)
  • Lumo Lighting (lightning)
  • NDS Energy (All energy products for camper vans, motorhomes and caravans. e.g. Batteries, inverters and solar panels)
  • POLLICINO (easily loading bikes, e-bikes, scooters and motorbikes in your camper)
  • STLA (now LIPPERT components. Manufacturer of aluminum and plastic products: beds, water tanks, etc.)
  • Teleco (Satellite systems and accessories for TV and Internet)
  • Telaïr (Airconditioners and generators)
  • Tesa (Campervan and motorhome leveling systems)


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💫Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! Frohliche Weihnachten! Vrolijk Kerstfeest! Zalig Kerstfeest! Feliz Navidad! Boas Festas! Nollaig Shona Dhuit! Feliz Natal! 💫 ... See MoreSee Less

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De nieuwe Telair e-van airconditioner, nu eindelijk volop verkrijgbaar! ... See MoreSee Less

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Karman Trading

⚡️Tips for using the TIG 3000 diesel generator

The new TIG 3000D features a special interface that allows it to be used with the new app. The app lets users switch it on/off and control it remotely via an iOS or Android smartphone.
The following tips will help you enjoy the full potential of this new accessory.

1) Before starting the generator, keep the utilities disconnected until the generator has started and stabilised.

2) Before stopping it, disconnect or switch off the utilities.

3) Do not connect power loads that exceed the indicated maximum power rating or exceed 80% of that rating in order to reserve a part of the energy for absorption surges.

During the first 50 hours of operation do not run the generator at loads greater than 75% of rated power.

5) When the generator is not in use for an extended period it is recommended - if it is always connected to a battery - that you run it periodically for half an hour to keep the battery charged.

6) When ambient temperature is below 0°C use winter-type diesel fuel.
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2 months ago

Karman Trading

📡Tips to get the most from the MotoSat Digimatic

This antenna lets users align the dish manually with the desired satellite in just a few quick and simple steps. The antenna, in fact, has an electronic elevation measuring device that shows the absolute tilt value of the dish on the display. To modify the angle just use the two keys on the lower part of the metal pole.
There follow a few practical tips to help you get the most from this important accessory.

1) It's important to check that the antenna is in the exact home position so it can be secured before each journey.

2) Before aligning the antenna with the satellite, make sure the camper is parked in a way that leaves the southward view free from any obstacles so the antenna can receive signals from the satellite.

3) Satellites do not transmit with the same intensity throughout Europe, so if you are outside the reception footprint, your MotoSat search might be unsuccessful. All satellite footprints are shown on the main specialist websites and magazines.

4) Remove any snow or ice from the MotoSat before actuating it in order to avoid wasting battery power.

5) Check that the vehicle battery has enough charge: if the voltage falls below 11.5 V, the MotoSat electronic safety circuit will prevent the antenna from moving.
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Karman Trading

📡 Useful tips to get the most from the Telesat BT antenna

Thanks to integration of new smartphone control technologies and greater compatibility with DVB-S2 tuners, the Telesat BT has set the standard for automatic tracking antennas, both in Italy and abroad. There follow a few practical tips to help you get the most from this accessory.

1) Check there are no obstacles near the camper (e.g. trees or shrubs) that might impede antenna movement.

2) If - with the safety cable connected to the ignition key - you decide to switch your vehicle engine on to re-charge the batteries, the antenna will, if raised, come down automatically and it will not be possible to raise it again as long as the engine is running.

3) Check that your batteries are always sufficiently charged: if the voltage falls below 10 Volts, the TeleSat electronic safety circuit will prevent the antenna from being raised.

4) Should you use a 12 V power supply instead of the battery, make sure you are using a stabilised power supply that can provide 5 A continuously and at least 10 A for brief periods. NEVER use low quality, non-stabilised battery chargers.

5) Antenna closure, whether controlled by you or automatic following a vehicle engine start, requires a variable time. Therefore, before driving the vehicle always check the antenna is fully closed.

The control panel is 'smart': to limit electricity consumption it switches off all the LEDs and the display a few seconds after the system has been left idle. When the control panel is in standby mode, the key backlighting, LEDs and display are all off. To exit standby mode just press the ON-OFF key or the SAT key. At that point the Display comes on and indicates the antenna status.
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Karman Trading

NYHET! ❄️🔥 Klimaanlegg perfekt til bybobiler ❄️🔥 Kompakt og moderne design, stillegående, lav egenvekt og superflat innvendig del 👏🏻 Les mer om de nye e-Van klimaanleggene her:


Alle produktene på www.casu.no får du kjøpt hos din caravanforhandler! ❄️🔥
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Karman Trading

📡 Advanced Teleco ActivSat Smart antenna functions

Versatility, excellent value for money, user-friendliness and a Smartphone interface have made this antenna a Europe-wide success.
Please find below a number of tips concerning some special features that will help you save time and battery power.

Quick Search function
- Press the “Quick search” key on the control unit.
'Quick Search' limits the satellite sweep to just 120°. This reduces the satellite search time and can reduce battery usage by up to 70%. Position the tripod so the dish faces SOUTH: use the electronic compass included in the “Teleco” app.

- Receiver/(Smart)TV control
The advanced “Smart” function lets you control the antenna directly via the TV with incorporated satellite receiver (or via the receiver).

- Starting an automatic search
Once the tripod has been positioned and the connections made, switch on the television to start the search for the last satellite the dish was aimed at. On factory settings the automatic search start function is activated. Nevertheless, it can be disabled via the control unit menu or via the Teleco App.

- Automatic satellite change
Select, via the TV remote control, the desired television programme and the ActivSat Smart will automatically position itself to receive the signal from the satellite transmitting it. This function is useful in countries where broadcasts are made from more than one satellite. In this case, changing the channel on the receiver causes the antenna to move automatically from one satellite to another. Note that this function requires proper configuration of the ActivSat Smart and the receiver (or TV with integrated receiver, except for TEK series TVs which are pre-configured at the factory).
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