Accessories for RVs, caravans, specialty vehicles, and marine applications

At Karman Trading, quality and excellent support are of utmost importance! With 30 years of experience and a beautiful portfolio of quality brands, we are a trusted supplier for wholesalers, dealers and builders of recreational and special vehicles. We believe in providing the best products and service with a personal touch. Are you interested in carrying one of these brands in your portfolio or applying them in your vehicles/vessels? Contact us for possibilities, prices or an appointment.

Individuals are welcome at our dealers for questions and advice. Use our dealer locator to find a dealer/sales point near you.

Our quality brands

Karman Trading is responsible for the activities of the following brands and manufacturers in the Benelux and partially in Scandinavia:

  • 3Gas (gas alarms)
  • AIRXCEL (roof ventilation, heating and cooling, window coverings, shading)
  • AVARA (safety, security and monitoring systems)
  • BRBNI (ready-to-install ABS vehicle finishing components)
  • CAN (kitchen appliances, ovens, sinks, drainboards)
  • FASP (seats, benches and swivel platforms for RVs, camper vans, ambulances, fire trucks)
  • Fillippi Legnami (poplar lightweight panels for RV, boat, interior construction)
  • Ideatermica (thermal insulation, RV and caravan insulation, carpet, floor carpet, cab floor mats)
  • Lippert (accessories, bed systems, entries, doors, steps, LCD supports, slide-outs)
  • NDS Energy (energy management for RVs and caravans; batteries, inverters, solar panels)
  • Ofolux (lighting)
  • POLLICINO (systems for easy loading and unloading of bicycles, e-bikes, scooters and motorcycles)
  • Telaïr (airconditioners, generators)
  • Teleco (satellite systems, TV and Internet accessories)
  • Tesa (RV level systems)