Your caravan or motorhome can be parked in the shade under the trees while you set up the automatic ACTIVSAT system on the adjacent lawn.

Simple installation

Installing the system is quick and easy, without the need for additional tools. Simply open the tripod, mount the motor unit, attach the dish and connect the 15-meter cable to your vehicle’s dedicated external ActivSat jack.

Dish setup

The antenna is pointed at the satellite within seconds. Two search functions are available.

  1. Quick search feature This feature limits the search area to only 120°, making it faster and allowing up to 70% battery power savings. Before use, however, the dish must first be pointed toward the south.
  2. Total search function If you cannot determine the direction, you can disable the quick search function, and the system will automatically perform the total 360° search.

Efficient memory storage

Each time the ACTIVSAT is pointed at a satellite, this position is stored in the system memory. This further reduces search time in future searches


Three types of dishes:

The ActivSat is available with three dishes:

  • Transparent acrylic, 65 centimeters, with limited visual impact(optional with TWIN LNB)
  • Transparent acrylic, 85 centimeters, with limited visual impact(optional with TWIN LNB)
  • Square flat antenna, 53 x 53 centimeters

A TWIN LNB is used to watch different channels simultaneously on the same satellite with 2 different receivers / TVs.

All types are equipped with the SMART function, so that the antenna also automatically turns to another satellite when you select a channel on another satellite with a (suitable) receiver.

Small modern designed indoor unit with:

  • 16 satellites in memory
  • Blue graphic HD OLED display
  • Quick Search/SAT/Parking buttons
  • Integrated Bluetooth to control the ActivSat via phone
  • Theft alarm with strong sound signal(91 dB) and on-off switch
  • CI Bus slot for connection to CI Bus system
  • Additional output to connect external alarm siren or external lamp
  • On-off switch
  • Easy software update via Bluetooth

Dual Theft Alarm:

If the cable is cut, this activates a powerful audible signal, possibly in combination with an external lamp and/or siren (optional).

The outdoor unit of the satellite dish is closely linked to the corresponding indoor unit through the serial number. All serial numbers are registered in the Teleco database. If someone steals the outdoor unit, they cannot get a control unit as a spare part without giving the serial number of the outdoor unit and their own name.

Five models available:

    • ActivSat 85 – 10,40 kg
    • ActivSat 85T Twin – 10,40 kg
    • ActivSat 65 – 8,50 kg
    • ActivSat 65T Twin – 8,50 kg
    • ActivSat 53SQ – 10,50 kg

ActivSat bags(option)

With the convenient carrying bags, store the activsat neatly for your next trip.



  • BAS/TR – Tripod bag
  • BAS/65 – Dish blade bag Ø65
  • BAS/65 – Dish blade bag Ø85
  • Bas/65 – Dish blade bag for square antenna Ø65


External connection for ActivSat(option)

Material: ABS
Color: outside white, inside black


  • Plug connector for motor cable ActivSat 10-pin
  • F-plug connector for coaxial cable ActivSat
  • F-connector for second coaxial cable (ActivSat Twin)
  • F connector for coaxial cable for external TV
  • Universal 12 Vdc connection (max. 10A) with rubber cap and faston connection for power supply external TV

Available models:

  • PAS/W – ActivSat Westacc connection
  • PAS/F – ActivSat Fawo connection

SE110C – External Siren(optional)






12 Vdc – 110 dB