The TESA Autolift

TESA Autolift Level system – Full automatic leveling of your camper. With a TESA level system, you provide extra comfort during your holiday.


The TESA Autolift

A mechanical lift for your camper van

TESA autolift levelsysteem A camper offers a lot of comfort benefits, but it’s still a heavy vehicle that requires a cautious approach to get the best out of it. If you are in a parking lot, it can take a lot of energy and time to pull out the hand controls, and in that case some help can’t hurt. A TESA Levelling Camper Lift (full automatic levelling system) is the solution to such a situation. Powerful engines completely take over the stabilization of the vehicle, which automatically allows the camper to be horizontal. This prevents shifts on uneven surfaces and slopes. The advantages of a TESA levelling camper lift A camper lift is one of the best ways to be able to work safely and efficiently with such a vehicle, and an overview of the benefits it offers is therefore important.

1. Reliable materials A TESA car lift has support systems that are galvanized for durability and waterproofing.

2. Optimal support The system is available with two or four supports for even more comfort and safety.

3. Flexible The car lift has a 12 V leverage system that works for all standard vehicles. This only requires a 34-centimetre clearance for the swing range of support.

4. Powerful and automatic. A car lift is a 4-column system, and each jetty can lift up to 2000 kg. The controlled use of the supports ensures that the system is fully automatically horizontal. There are two modes: – A system-controlled mode – A manual mode The vehicle may weigh up to 5.5 tons and is placed flat and stable in both modes in no time if the ground is not too steep. The operating system always works in pairs of two supports so that torsion forces are prevented by supposed point lifting. For example, damage is avoided as a result of rotations in the system.

5. Easy to operate Perhaps the biggest advantage of a TESA car lift is that everything happens automatically. If you turn on the system via the control panel, you can also determine the leveling (or withdraw) with the remote control. The other functions can only be used from the control panel.

6. Excellent quality The galvanized construction comes from the FIAT plant and thus guarantees up to seven times more strength and resistance to heavy load than ordinary galvanization.

7. Attractive price In general, car lifts are very expensive, but these systems are attractively priced. A complete 4-legged TESA car lift system is available for € 3950.- Semi-automatic (2-legged, front or rear) for € 2550, – This price indication includes installation!

8. The safest choice The supports can only be extended with the handbrake. If it comes loose (if the supports are extended or the ignition turned on) then a warning signal will ring. As a result, the driver knows that the supports must be withdrawn before he starts the camper. If power is insufficient then the elevator car may be withdrawn without electrical assistance.

9. Easy to retrofit The TESA system comes with supports, a central unit, cables, remote control and control. The corresponding extensions ensure that the column length can be changed at minimum intervals from 300 mm to 420 mm. The impact length is always 180 mm. TESA autolift levelsysteem retrofit A mechanical system offers only advantages. TESA is the only manufacturer of electric car lifts in Europe. A mechanical car lift can carry vehicles up to 5.5 tons, and hydraulic systems can often also lift heavy trucks. Usually, however, campers and caravans are slightly lighter, so a mechanical system is more than enough. Why a mechanical lift is better chosen instead of a hydraulic, clarifies the following overview. A mechanical system: – does not work on oil and therefore requires almost no maintenance – due to the absence of oil ideal in extreme temperatures – is almost not affected by lateral pressure – does not suffer from dust particles that affect the system – loses no force if it is under pressure for a long time or if there is too little oil. mechanisch TESA autolift levelsysteem

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