About Aqua-Hot



Aqua-Hot started in 1984 and is since 2019 part of the brand Airxcel. The company started in America, but when it was acquired by Airxcel, it decided to begin selling its products in Europe as well.

Aqua-Hot has heating systems that use hydronic heating and air heating.

Hydronic heating

At the most basic level, Aqua-Hot hydronic heating uses pipes to route hot liquid to heat exchangers that distribute heated air into living spaces. Pipes through which drinking water flows wrap around the boiler to transport hot water to faucets and appliances. Depending on the system, various heat sources are used, but they all utilize a combination of excess heat from the vehicle’s engine, diesel fuel or propane, and alternating current from the shore power.

Air heating

With the GEN1 heating systems, Aqua-Hot offers an all-in-one air heating system for RVs with a 10-liter hot water heater. This system is powered by Diesel or Propane/Butane and electricity making it versatile and fuel efficient. The Aqua-Hot Gen 1 can heat water independently of the heater. This ensures that you are comfortable throughout the year and can always enjoy a warm shower, even when the heating is turned off. When connected to 230V shore power, you can use the electric mode to save fuel, allowing for more economical travel and stays.

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