Searchcriteria Teleco Antenna and DSF80(E)

In the recent weeks, the criteria Teleco antennas us to search the satellites are changed, so it may occur that the automatic satellite antennas and DSF80 do not find the satellite. This concerns satellites Astra3 and Astra 4.


If a DSF80 or automatic antenna can’t find astra4, or a DSF80 can’t find Astra3:

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An update must be done for your antenna. The software can be downloaded from the Teleco website:

If the automatic antenna can’t find Astra3 (23.5)

In this case it concerns all DVB-S control units. (Black blackbox)


It is best to download an update from the Teleco website and to provide the unit with new software:

If your clients are on vacation, and have no opportunity to (have) the software upgraded, you can ask the customer to align Astra3 (23.5) and let the  antenna search for at least half an hour. The antenna will pass to the second criteria that is used in the controlunit to find the satellite. The long search is one time only. Obviously, it is still advisable to load the software at the time that the customer is back from holiday so that the antenna again has 2 search criteria.

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